My Family!!

My Family!!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

What is in a Name?!?! Boy and Girl Name Revealed!!

Oh what is in a name? It is a HUGE decision a parent has to make for their child. Unless they go through the legal process of changing it, a child has to live with their name for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. ----No Pressure;-)

Foster and I put a lot of thought into the names we choose. We want them to be strong names for adults, but have a cute nickname for when children.

Rosalynn Patricia (Liam David had she been a boy): We wanted an Irish name, but I have ALWAYS loved my sister's middle name (Rose). Even though she HATED IT! Patricia is my mother's name. Rose in Gaelic is "Roshin", or "my little Rose", but the English translation is Rosaline. We liked Rosalynn better:-) Nickname: ROSIE

Liam we just really liked, and being the gaelic shortened version of "William", it means "Protector". Fitting for the oldest son.

Avaleen Rose (Would have been a Declan Rose if a boy); OBVIOUS where we got the middle names from.
Avaleen is the pheonetic version of the Gaelic name Aibhlinn, but i figured NO ONE would know how to properly pronounce it, so we spelled it phonetically. It means "Much Prayed for Child" Which if you followed this blog through the pregnancy with her, you know she was VERY much prayed for by all!!

Declan Rose: Liam had started to really take off as a popular name, so we opted to change the boy's name. Since I didn't give Foster a choice on the girl's name, I let him choose the boy's. This was before Revenge ever aired, and he chose it because there was a rugby player with the name. LOL. I looked up the meaning: Man of prayer, Full of goodness. I loved it:-) And although Rose was the middle name, "Declan Rose" had a very masculine, strong sound to it. My family wasn't THRILLED with the name at first, but then it grew on everyone. I STILL love it, but thank you Revenge for making it the fastest rising name for boys in 2012-2015.

So what are we naming this little one? Well if she is a girl, she will be named after my Granny who Rosalynn is buried with.

Granny and I were EXTREMELY close. She was my soulmate, my best friend, my right hand woman. We were two peas in a pod. I have always wanted to name a girl after her, BUT she HATED her name. She threatened me that if I ever named  a daughter after her, she would haunt me till the day I died. Not only did she hate her name, she HATED the nick name everyone called her. BUT thanks to one very famous British sister, I found an appropriate nickname that Granny would have LOVED.

Philippa Rose: Phillippa was Granny's name, and there was a whole story behind how she received it. Her friends called her Phil. She HATED both. But THANK YOU Pippa Middleton!! If anyone wasn't aware, her real name is Philippa. So when I read that in People magazine, I was about 7 months pregnant with Ava. I WANTED to change her name sooooo bad, but had already become attached to Avaleen. So I vowed over 4 years ago, that if we had another girl, we would name her Phillippa, and call her Pippa for short.

Foster and I had SUCH a hard time picking a name for a boy. We loved Philip in honor of my Granny, I don't think we plan on having anymore children, because it is SOOOOO difficult on me. With so many losses, and hard pregnancies, I am not sure I can go through it again. But we haven't decided if we are going to make it permanent. If my docs advise after 3 c-sections that it is unsafe for me to have more, we will make it permanent, and he will be named Philip David. If they say we can have more, we will see, and then I don't want to use Philip, because if the next one is a girl, she will obviously be Phillippa. So we had to have another name lined up. We went back and forth, back and forth. But FINALLY settled on a GREAT name!! I actually love it, and it makes me excited to have a boy. (I get excited when I have a name picked out, but am anxious for the sex I don't have a name for until then).

Fitzgerald (middle name TBD: Rose is top contender): We would call him Fitz for short!! I LOVE IT!! LOL. I love it more than Liam and Declan!!

This is such a fun part of being pregnant, but truly a stressful part. I am glad Foster and I were able to agree on both names with no big arguments;-)

SO what will this baby be?!?!?! A Pippa or a Fitz?!?!? Now I am truly excited to find out!!!

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