My Family!!

My Family!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Night Terrors?

So, I will be posting about the most amazing wedding ever very shortly, but first I need some advice! I think Ava is having night terrors. It has only started recently, and they happen every once in a while. She "wakes up" flailing, crying, and screaming bloody murder, as if she is hurt or something. I have tried to wake her, comfort her, and make them stop, but all efforts are futile.
Now, I sleep walk and wake up screaming at least a couple times a week, and I have since I was younger, but it is so sad to see an eleven month old doing the same. Does anyone have experience with toddlers and night terrors? How do I prevent them, what do I do when she is having them?


Stephanie said...

Oh gosh this sounds awful. I thought Chloe might be having them too, but I have yet to read up on what exactly they are, and she doesn't sound as extreme as Ava. Chloe will just cry out at night in her sleep it seems, I don't think she's awake. But there is no flailing, and it's usually over in a couple seconds. I hate that she might be having nightmares or these terrors too. I hope you can figure something out!

lillymarie said...

I'm going through similar issues with my daughter. I also have sleep issues and so does my Dad. I was told it was hereditary unfortunately. I was also told not to wake her up during them because it could intensify them. I just lay with her (she is two) and she starts to calm down and snuggle with me. Good luck. It's been very tiring for me some weeks!


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