My Family!!

My Family!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bless This Child!

Today was such a bittersweet day. Today was Avaleens Baptism.

Over 19 months ago we were sitting in a hospital room surrounded by family and friends while an on call Catholic priest baptized our beautiful stillborn daughter, Rosalynn. He allowed Foster to do the honor of pouring the holy water over her tiny head with a pretty little sea shell while saying "I baptize you Rosalynn Patricia Foster in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." You can read the whole account of her baptism here. (but I warn you, bring a tissue:-)

After this day, we were unable to sit through a baptism at our church without crying. It pained Foster and I that we would never be able to bring our daughter, Rosie into the church to baptize her. We were heartbroken.

Today was different. Today we walked into the church's sanctuary instead of sitting in a hospital room. Today we dressed our daughter, Avaleen, in a beautiful white dress with lace roses on it in remembrance of her sister as opposed to dressing our daughter in the one and only dress she would ever wear. Today, as her godfather, Ky, held her over the baptismal fount, Father poured the holy water over Ava's tiny head with that same small sea shell. Instead of tears of sorrow, I was shedding tears of remembrance and joy.

I glanced around at ALL the people who were present. Each person who stood in that hospital room were once again standing around us in the church, along with many others, and I felt the same thing today as I did on that mournful day of April 20th 2010. I felt the love and support pouring out of my friends and family, and I once again felt the Holy Spirit surrounding all of us as we celebrated this little child. It was as if Jesus...and Rosalynn were standing amongst the crowd and smiling upon us. I am truly blessed!

Bug and ky (her god parents with Foster and I)

All that joined us at the church (there were tons more @ the Meet the baby party!)

We are soooooo blessed!


Chantal said...

So wonderful!

Shannon Renfro said...

This is sooooo sweet. We too have teared up at Baptisms and wondered if we would ever get the opportunity to baptize a baby. I am so happy for your beautiful story, your beautiful daughters, and providing some hope that we too will get a chance to experience this someday. Lots of love to you & Foster & Miss Avaleen!

Holly said...

I can only imagine how beautiful that moment was!!!


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