My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Clearing Things Up...I am Not Pregnant :-)

I posted a few photos of Avaleen on Facebook yesterday. Since 10pm last night, I have received more texts, messages, and calls asking if I was pregnant. Why? Because in the album description I posted that the pictures were taken for a special reason, and I would divulge later. never expected that kind of response. So, in order to put at ease the rumor I am pregnant again, I will divulge the news.

Ava, Foster, my dad and I went to see my aunt in a play this past weekend. While Foster and I were out to lunch with Ava, we were approached by a talent agent. She was at the table across from us, and Ava was being typical Ava...making faces, "talking" to them across the room, and smiling her toothless smile at them. One of the men sitting with her looked familiar...maybe an actor, model, SOMETHING. Well, after talking to them both, they HIGHLY suggested we get in  touch with someone in our area, and also email her Ava's pictures. The agent said ANY pictures would do, but she obviously didn't know who she was talking to. Being a photographer, and slight perfectionist, I would never settle for sending some photos from a random day, so I took Ava into the studio. She was GREAT. I had her smiling and happy for about 40 mins, and got some GREAT shots! Here are the ones I just submitted this morning to the 2 agencies:

And here are just a few of my favorites b/c they show off her personality:-)

Always my happy baby:-) ESPECIALLY in front of the camera:-)

what a stinker!!! No, she is not is just one of her MANY silly faces I just happened to catch on camera!

gotta love the drool on the chin:-) "What mom!?!?"lol
The reason I didn't want to let everyone know about the agent, is because most likely, it won't know, cute kids are a dime a dozen. BUT it is fun to think she MAY have a shot. If anything, the whole concept made me get Ava into the studio for more pictures, and that is NEVER a bad thing. I will keep you all updated on what comes out of this.


Tiffany said...

she's definitely a cutie!

Stephanie said...

Always love a good excuse to snap photos of the babe! How awesome would that be though if something comes of it?! And why did people just assume you were pregnant from that, seems a bit of a stretch doesn't it? :)

Chantal said...

Wow she has gotten so big! And what a personality! I love those faces she makes!!

Erin said...

She is absolutely adorable!!

Caz said...

Beautiful :)

Our rainbows are almost exactly the same age. Xander is one day younger than Ava!

Holly said...

love her pics you took! beautiful! and how cool that she was scouted!


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