My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fun Photography Blog

Since I like to keep different aspects of my life seperate, I RARELY post on this blog my photography sessions. Although this is more of an "all around" blog, and not JUST focused on Baby loss, lets admit, Rosie DID inspire me to start it, and there are TONS of Baby loss and infertile women who follow me. Most of my photography is based around children and newborns. I don't want to have anyone click on my blog and gringe because they see a sleeping baby or a plump 6 month old. However, without losing Rosalynn, I would never be doing this. I needed an outlet for my grief, and photography had always been a hobby. She encouraged me to live every day as if it was my last. So I quit my day job when Ava was born to pursue building my business full time.

So far it is going amazing! A little random...some weeks I will have 2-3 shoots, and then others none, but it is such a fulfilling jo, and I know with time I will start getting a regular flow of clients. I was doing a 6 month old's shoot last night and was telling his parents/good friends of mine that I feel guilty having people pay, because I feel like I am having too much fun! But alas, in order for me to keep doing this, I have to charge. There are alot of expenses:-)

I have a seperate blog for my photography. It is not all focused on the sessions, but instead have special posts of before and after photos using photoshop, pull back shots of newborn sessions, and even a "how far I have come since my first session" post. I answer questions I have always wondered about HOW do photogs find the most amazing houses w/ great wallpaper, hardwood floors, and perfect lighting to take newborn photos in? Or HOW does a photog get the "hand and baby floating look on a black background?"

Check it out, and please follow if you are interested.

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