My Family!!

My Family!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Bed Rest Chronicles Day 1

So when discharged yesterday, I read the instructions for "modified bed rest". Things I CAN do:

- Light House work (is there any way I can take this off the list? lol)
- shower, bathroom, daily grooming/dressing activities. Yay for being clean and dressed;-)
- Short errands (i.e. short trips to the grocery) So I figure I can put trips to the studio in this for minor errands.
- Short walks 2-3 blocks. TWO TO THREE BLOCKS. LOL Now, is this a NYC block? a country block? If it was my block, I might as well not leave the house, it isn't worth it.
- Easy outings like out to dinner or a movie that takes little to know effort.

OK. So my biggest challenge is going to be seeing how much I can do without my blood pressure raising. I am hanging around the 130/80-140/90 resting. I want to keep it as close to that as possible.

So I woke up this morning feeling like this is my first official day as a "stay at home wife". But the problem with stay at home wife/mom is that I would want to be the BEST one I could be.: food made, house clean, etc. At this point it would take 3 days straight of cleaning to make my house the standard I would expect from myself if I was a SAHM/W so I know it may take all 3 weeks to get to the standard if I do "light house work" every day.

 Ava went to school, Dave woke her up, got her dressed and took her in. While getting her ready, I noticed there were 2 baskets of her laundry that needed put away. And about 3 baskets of laundry of ours that needed to be done. Laundry I would consider "light housework" (minus the carrying of heavy baskets). So Dave took the baskets downstairs so I could work on laundry.

Morale: High
Pippa: Active
Naps: 1
TV watched: probably around 3 hrs

645 AM: BP 137/78
- Put Ava's laundry away.
-Go downstairs have breakfast
-Watch a little news.
-Start getting antsy
-Put first load in laundry

-switch laundry, fold first load
-put dinner in the crockpot
-clean a little of the kitchen

BP: 148/89 OK I get it, I did a little too much "Light housework"

Sit down for 15 mins and retake:  138/78 great!! back down!

Rest, watch TV, fold more laundry.....come on, admit you are jealous;-)

Time to test "short errand trip"
Went to studio to meet client to drop off products.
Headed to Ava's school for parent teacher conference.
Office max for electric converter for a nightlight I bought for Ava that has a European plug.

5:30 BP: 146/89 maybe they truly meant ONE short errand. But retested and it came back down:-)

6:45: Dinner with family, hang out on porch while Dave mows and Ava plays with Dinos. Now writing blog. BP: 136/80

So what did I learn today?
Spread the house chores out a little more, and ONE short errand at a time. Mom would be mad at me for testing the limits today, but I had to check what would bring up my BP vs what wouldn't, and my doc said as long as it came back DOWN after resting, which in all cases it did, that I could do SOME things. Just no crazy photo shoots, or moving furniture, etc.

I didn't go TOO crazy today, but then again it is only day one, and when you are as busy as me on a regular basis it is nice to have a light day from time to time. We will see how morale is next week.

I do have this great photo to keep me motivated on "taking it easy":

On the list for tomorrow: Boss Dave around for things I wanted done before Pippa got here but won't get to do myself now.
Family Date to dinner and MAYBE a movie if my BP is behaving:-)
Editing on the couch!! :-)

Don't worry, I won't bore you EVERY day with the happenings of the Bed Rest Chronicles....maybe just every other day;-)

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